Brightlingsea Academy.

Brightlingsea Academy

The Brightlingsea Academy provides life-changing education to 350 children aged between 6 months and 14 years. It is the only free and disability-safe school in the region.

The children who attend The Brightlingsea Academy live in conditions of extreme poverty and deprivation. While at school, they receive two nutritious meals daily, their school uniform, and medical cards. We provide 1750 nutritious snacks and 3500 meals to our students per week.

The Brightlingsea Academy is run by our passionate and dedicated headteacher, Ben Antwi. The school now has 14 classrooms, an IT suite with 13 computers and a school library.

The children at Brightlingsea Academy receive:

  • Free education
  • Two nutritious meals a day
  • Healthy snacks throughout the week
  • Free provided school uniforms
  • Medical cards that cover access to doctors and reduced price prescriptions
  • Vaccinations and medical checks including opticians
  • Our school bus transports children living further away into school
  • Home social worker visits and support with food and items needed for school

Children’s exam success stats

We are so proud of the results last year, and we feel it's a true reflection of how brilliantly our small rural school is doing. All students have done incredibly well. We have highlighted just one class of results which reflects the general standard of success across all students at the school. Please note that ICT results are lower because we recently introduced it into the syllabus after receiving a grant for 13 computers.

Subject Average percentage scores for our 30 eldest primary school students at the Brightlingsea Academy – August 2022:

  • English language

  • Maths

  • Natural science

  • Creative arts

  • Ghanaian language

  • History

  • Religious Education

  • Our world and our people

  • ICT

  • French


Case Study

Moses is one of the children at The Brightlingsea Academy.

He’s 14 years old and officially too old to attend the Brightlingsea Academy. His mother was also our school cook at The Brightlingsea Academy for three years. Devastatingly, she passed away in childbirth in February 2022. She leaves Moses and his younger siblings (who also attend the Brightlingsea Academy). They are like most of our families from the school’s village and squat in a small uncompleted building. Without the Brightlingsea Academy he would not be going to school.

“The Brightlingsea Academy is my one joy. My problems at home are uncountable but at school I can eat, and I can learn, I can be myself, I can be happy. Thank you for making the Brightlingsea Academy a safe place for me. I truly love it with all my heart.” Moses – 14

Moses – 14

Smilling kids
It can make all the difference

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