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Click on the buttons to be taken to our Donation Checkout. You can make a one-off or a recurring, monthly donation through Paypal with your PayPal account or most debit and credit cards. If you wish to set up a standing order to pay your recurring donation, please contact us and we’ll send you the required paperwork. Whatever you give will be gratefully accepted.

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Brightlingsea Free School


Just £2 pays for a child to be protected against Hepatis B.

Medical Card

A £5 donation provides a child with a medical card.


Give a child education, food and health treatment.

teacher’s wages

£70 covers a teacher’s salary for a whole month.

Hungry Babies

Help provide orphan babies with formula milk.

* When you sponsor a child we allocate your donation to the next child in line and then send you their details. If you’d like to see the children most in need of sponsorship and choose the one whose story you connect with, please contact us after completing your recurring monthly donation.

girl power

Sanitary Towels

£4 buys a girl reusable sanitary towels.

School Fees

£10 a month pays for a girl’s school fees and dinners.

full grant

£20 a month provides all a girl needs to stay in school for a month.

fruit for a day

£5 buys a day’s fruit for around 60 orphanage children.

weekly fruit

£25 means we can supply fruit to an entire orphanage for a week.

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