Girl Power Project.

In Kumasi, only 3% of girls complete higher education. Without this critical education, young women cannot achieve the careers they deserve.

We support over 80 girls and young women from ages 5-30 through their education on our holistic programme and refuge Centre.

Many of the girls we support are living in dangerous situations. Often the young women we work with face financial distress, food insecurity, poor mental health and exposure to violence. Our Girl Power Centre provides them with a safe shelter where we offer an educational and wellbeing programme for girls who are not in school.

We provide safe shelter, care and dignity to the young women on our Girl Power Project, providing them with the environment they need to complete their education and build an independent future free from poverty. We have Girl Power graduates working in engineering, teaching, nursing, midwifery and hospital management!

Through our programme we provide:

  • Formal or vocational educational pathways
  • Short and long-term accommodation options
  • Daily care from our incredible, all-female, Girl Power Centre team
  • Personalised mentoring, counselling and coaching
  • Health checks
  • Computer and library access
  • Two nutritious meals daily
  • School books and uniforms

Case Study


When Grace was referred to us by her university last year, she has just dropped out of her final year as a nursing student. Her late Dad took a loan from a bank and used all his house as collateral. The family lost everything after he died, and Grace had to leave university. Here in Ghana, there is no government loan system for those wishing to attend university. Upon encountering The Girl Power foundation Grace got back on track with her studies and life has taken a new toll.

Grace will now complete her nursing training by the end of 2023. She is happy and very hopeful that she would be registered and posted to a hospital where she can work to earn her own salary to support her mother and younger siblings. Her story was one that broke her, but she bounced back strong and seized the opportunity and studied very hard.

Grace has shown so much dedication and a determined attitude towards her studies and her life in general. She is someone who will undoubtedly become a successful nurse, rising through the ranks, and fulfilling her dreams.

We have made visits to Grace this term and have seen her very happy at university. When Grace graduates, she will earn roughly £160 to start off.

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