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Jemma Williams teaching Ghanaian kids

Our vision is for every child in Ghana to have an equal chance at achieving their potential and being free from poverty.

We work with Ghana’s most disadvantaged children and young people to enable them to achieve their full potential and break the cycle of poverty. We do this in three ways:

Kid writing in a notebook Kid writing in a notebook

Access to education

Through our Girl Power project and the Brightlingsea Academy we provide over 400 children and young people with quality education. The Brightlingsea Academy is the only free and disability-safe school in the community and surrounding villages.

Kids in a classroom Kids in a classroom

Creating an environment for success

Children cannot thrive on an empty stomach or in unsafe living conditions. The Kumasi region that we work in faces high levels of deprivation, unemployment and inequality. Our programmes are holistic. We provide nutritional meals, safe shelter, care and dignity to the children and young people we support.

Kid writing in a notebook Kid writing in a notebook

Supporting communities

It takes a village to raise a child, and we know that more resilient and sustainable communities are critical to breaking the cycle of poverty. We work with local communities in Ghana to provide our services, creating prosperity, providing employment opportunities and creating sustainable, thriving communities around the children we support. We employ 34 members of staff in Ghana and work with students’ parents to find employment whilst they are at school.

About Kumasi

Kumasi is a city in the Ashanti region and is the home to our Brightlingsea Academy and Girl Power Centre. The second-largest city in Ghana, Kumasi is a region that faces high levels of deprivation, unemployment and poor resources with poor road structures and low food production.

The average wage for the families we support in the area is less than £1.50 per day, and the average primary school place costs over £140 a year.

kids in a line getting a meal

The children we support in Kumasi live in conditions of extreme poverty and deprivation.

95% of households in the town lack clean running water and 88% live without electricity. That’s why we work closely with the families of the children we support and employ staff local to the area to help aid prosperity and sustainability in the region.

Smilling kids
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